Register for Strategic Writing Fundamentals Course

Register for our Strategic Writing Fundamentals Course by the end of every month; classes are monthly. Strategic Writing Fundamentals is a 8-week course, inclusive of assignments and writing projects. There is no pressure for examination or study schedule—you learn at your own pace from wherever you, online or at home.

Strategic writing approach makes the writing process—including the thinking and processes involved in writing—visible. It involves the use of creativity, skills, talent, and logic. Because the writing process can seem intimidating (or just plain hard), some writers prefer to just rush in and start writing—we teach you not to do that.

The course covers the following:

  • the equipment you need in writing;
  • grammar,
  • research in writing,
  • strategic writing process,
  • strategic writing techniques,
  • strategic report writing using the Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) technique, and
  • strategic email writing techniques.

The course is a hybrid-learning course: self-paced online learning and home study (we will mail you all the course content.