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Course Prerequisite(s)

About Course

The Non-Fiction Writing course explores the various forms of non-fiction genres including autobiographies, biographies,  memoirs, magazines, and newspapers. You learn the techniques of craftsmanship to accurately represent reality in a compelling and dramatic way.

Aim: To equip you with the necessary skills to writing professional, compelling, and dramatic non-fiction stories.

Duration: 20 Weeks

Mode of Study: Hybrid learning.


Though our courses are about imparting knowledge and skills, not academic/theoretical approach to writing, there will be self-assessment quizzes and written assignments submitted to your tutor. The tutor-submitted assignments are designed to give you an opportunity to apply the lessons and techniques learnt.

You will also be required to write a book proposal which will be evaluated by your tutor, given feedback, and returned to you for submission for publication.

  • Self-assessment quizzes: Some modules will have quizzes for you to assess yourself. Once you do the quiz, you will see your score out of 100%. However, the final score at the end of the course will be the average of all quizzes. Together, these quizzes will comprise 30% of your final grade.
  • Tutor-marked Assignments: Your assignments will be marked and returned to you with tutor feedback. Since our aim is to help you become a published writer, we expect you will be a published writer if you follow our guide. Thus, any of your work that is published by an independent publication (magazine, newspaper, or journal) will count towards your grading – 70%.

Note: We don’t recognise articles published on your or your friend’s blog/website, pay-to-publish sites or publications, online publishing platforms with no editorial policies/review process, or, if a book, self-publishing with vanity publishers. (If you self-publish, use a self-publishing company with clear publishing policy and contract. If you self-publish yourself, the book should meet industry standards – this will be evaluated before grading you.)


We will award you a certificate on successful completion of the course; however, the certification is not really important if you do not acquire the skills necessary to write and publish professionally to earn from your writing.

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What Will You Learn?

  • About the equipment you need as a writer, how to become a professional writer, grammar in writing, and the craft of writing.
  • How to and conduct detailed market survey for your writing, analyse writing markets, and sell your writing to the right target audience.
  • How to effectively write various non-fiction genres and write for magazines and newspapers.
  • Develop an understanding of the business approach to and legal aspects of writing and how to earn from your writing without being exploited.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills on how to write and self-publish professional industry-standard books, market and promote your book, and earn from your writing.

Course Content

About the Non-Fiction Writing Course
Course orientation

  • Welcome to the Non-Fiction Writing Course

Module 1 – Market Analysis For Your Writing
Surveying and analysing market for your writing.

Module 2 – Writing for Publication
How to tailor your writing for a particular market/publication

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