Introduction to Creative Writing Course


Aim: To introduce you to creative writing in honing your skills in writing non-fiction

Duration: 30hrs

Mode of Study
  • Self-paced online study
Learning Objectives
  • Learn about the equipment you need as a writer.
  • Learn how to become a professional writer.
  • Learn who to write for, what to write, when and where to write, why write, and how to write.
  • Know what causes writer’s block and how to deal with writers block.
  • Learn how to write with your senses.
  • Know the qualities you need to have as a writer.


The Introduction to Creative Writing course introduces you to creative writing, what you need to become a writer, and how to get started as a writer.


The course is not evaluated, but there is a self-assessment quiz to assess your retention of the knowledge acquired.


There is no certification for this course. You will need to register for other creative writing courses for you to get a certificate.

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